First Presbyterian Church is currently seeking a

Part-time Organist and Accompanist

We are currently seeking a new staff member to accompany hymns and worship music during our Sunday services. Proficiency on organ and piano is necessary. Ability to play other instruments is a plus. Familiarity with multiple styles of worship music is also desired as we move toward a more blended worship service.

Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, our choir is not currently active, but we expect choir to resume when singing without masks in public gatherings is deemed safe. 

The full job description is posted below. Please apply by sending resumés to For questions, please call 970-532-2192 or email This position begins May 1. Salary begins at $500 per month.

TITLE: Organist and Accompanist


SCOPE: Provide musical support for worship services and choir practice.


1. Knowledgeable in sacred music.
2. Training/experience as organist/pianist and accompanist for choirs and soloists.
3. Willing and able to work as a team with other members of the staff.



1. Practice to prepare well for worship services and choir practice.
2. Obtain hymns and songs selected for worship service from the Pastor ahead of time.
3. Obtain choir anthems from the Choir Director and prepare ahead of time.
4. Accompany special music offerings when appropriate.
5. Select and communicate information on prelude, postlude, and offertory to the Administrative Assistant by Wednesday morning.
6. Communicate any planned absence to the Worship and Music Committee Chair and the Pastor. For illness or emergency situations, contact the Pastor ASAP.
7. Alert worship committee of maintenance needs for both the piano and the organ.



1. Arrive at least 10 minutes before choir practice and 30 minutes before the worship service.
2. Play weekly or arrange for any absence.
3. By Easter of each year, coordinate with the Worship and Music Committee regarding summer worship music leadership and weeks off.
4. Planning, practicing, and leading for at least three hours weekly (four hours weekly during the cantata practice season, October through December). Planning and selecting music to take approximately 25 additional hours annually.
5. Salary includes playing for extra seasonal worship services (e.g., Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve, etc.). Organist may be asked to play for funerals, memorial services, weddings, and services away from church, which are contracted separately.



1. The Organist/Pianist is an “exempt” employee and accountable to the Pastor as Head of Staff and the Personnel Committee Chair of Session.
2. The Pastor and Personnel Committee Chair will conduct an annual Performance Review based on the anniversary date of employment.


1. To be determined by the Personnel Committee at the time of employment based on level of experience and qualifications. This is a salaried position paid monthly. The Personnel Committee will review the adequacy of compensation annually.
2. Unpaid leave will be available at the discretion of the Personnel Committee of Session.
3. Two weeks’ notice to the Personnel Committee will be required when an absence is foreseen in order to help locate a qualified substitute.

EVALUATION: A performance review will be conducted annually by the pastor and representatives of the Session's Worship and Personnel Committees. The Session's Personnel Committee will annually review the adequacy of compensation.


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