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Sunday Worship

Our worship services begin at 10:00 on Sunday mornings.


Welcome to worship at First Presbyterian Church of Berthoud! Our live-streamed service begins at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. Just go to This Week's Worship Service to find details about how to watch online.

Sunday worship is the centerpiece of our life together at First Presbyterian. Our worship service is rooted in a tradition that centers around scripture, prayer, music, and the sacraments. In worship, we live out the many different aspects of our life with God. We give thanks and praise for who God is, confess that we are incomplete without the grace of God, rededicate ourselves to generosity towards God and neighbor, and are challenged and inspired by God’s word. We strive to blend a variety of musical and liturgical elements through our services.

Music is a big part of the worship and life of First Presbyterian Church. Pianists, harpists, blue grass players, organists, choir singers, carolers, and various other instrumentalists contribute throughout the year. If you like a wide spectrum of music, you will enjoy the opportunities here. Check out the event calendar to find out what’s coming up.

Throughout the Bible, God blesses his people in order that they may bless others. First Presbyterian is blessed and spreads that blessing with a variety of groups and organizations helping those in need. Visit our Mission & Outreach page for a partial list of our current mission efforts. 

Our Sunday morning adult class is a thoughtful, verse-by-verse investigation of God’s Word. The discussions are honest and animated, the coffee is always hot, and the focus on Scripture is strong. If you’d like to know more about the content of past classes, visit the Adult Bible Study page.

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