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August Verse by Verse - Rev. Jerry Groves

Romans 10:1….”Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is...that they might be saved”…

The Apostle Paul had a basic concern for the salvation status of his fellow Jewish brethren, and that is as it should be. Every believer in God should have this concern for his spiritual brothers and sisters. Why was Paul concerned about this? He was concerned because he believed that his fellow Jews were going about being saved in the wrong way. Paul believed that being saved must necessarily involve Jesus, because he was God’s Savior sent to the world for this very purpose. The Jews, for the most part (some exceptions) had rejected Jesus as Lord and Savior, and this was the basis for Paul’s concern. As you look through Romans 10:1-4, the topic of righteousness comes up. Paul taught that the necessary righteousness required by God lay in the person of Jesus himself. The implication is that the rejection of Jesus by any group is to throw away any chance of being saved, because Jesus’ righteousness is directly Involved in a person’s salvation. The Jews (not all) had rejected Jesus, and in so doing, substituted their own righteousness in their efforts to be saved. That was their mistake, and that was Paul’s concern for them. See: Romans 9:30-33...

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