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Hike at Pawnee Buttes Trail

It’s that time again! Join Janice and friends for a church hike at Pawnee Buttes Trail on Saturday, June 8th!

Can you imagine the buffalo and Native Americans on the high plains of Colorado? Well, our hike to the Pawnee Buttes will give you just that image! From 70 million years ago, when this land was a tropical and lush inland sea, to the present time of being sandstone and gravel, you can see just how much this beautiful land has changed. The grasses are now home to roaming and grazing wildlife, and it nests unusual birds, raptors and field flowers.

This will be a four mile round trip. We will hike a low gain trail to the base of the Buttes, where we will have our snack/lunch!

Meet at 7:30 a.m. to carpool from the church. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, snacks and/or lunch, sunglasses, layers of clothing and comfortable hiking shoes. We also suggest bringing binoculars and a camera!

A sign-up sheet is in the reception area.

Please contact Janice Gibb at 970-532-5126 for any additional information.

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