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June Verse by Verse - Rev. Jerry Groves

Romans 6:1….”Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?”…

This quote was made by the Apostle Paul as he considered the matter of how man can be made right with God. In previous chapters to chapter 6, Paul had taken up the issue of God’s grace upon sinful man, and how that grace had increased as man’s sinfulness increased. Some imaginary critic threw this concept back in Paul’s face by asking the question…that if man’s sinfulness resulted in God increasing his grace upon man…then man should sin more…so that God’s grace could increase! It is a ridiculous idea, and Paul thought so too. As you read further into Romans, chapter 6, Paul countered this idea by saying that the believer in Christ is closely identified with Jesus in his death and resurrection, and that in God’s reckoning, we died to sin when Christ died on the Cross. We also rose with Him when he rose again from the dead. If we are then considered by God as dead to sin and alive to God, how then could we even consider continuing in sinful practices? That is Paul’s reasoning, and it makes sense to me. Does it make sense to you?

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