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October Verse by Verse - Rev. Jerry Groves

Matthew 22:1-14….This story regards a man who attended a wedding party, and was asked to leave for not being properly dressed for the occasion…

Jesus often talked about weddings. Apparently he enjoyed such occasions, and some of his stories are about them. In this story, a man attended a wedding without bothering to dress up for the occasion. As he mingled among the people, he stood out because of his shabby clothing. The wedding host spotted him, confronted him, and asked him to leave. In fact the story makes it sound like he was kicked out. Jesus told this story to make a point. The point is that man is invited to the Lord’s wedding party in heaven at the end of the age, but man had better arrive with the proper covering for his sins, or he will be kicked out just like the man in this story.

One thing to note, is that nobody in Jesus’ day had to arrive at any wedding, improperly dressed. Wedding garments were provided in case one was so poor that they couldn’t afford the proper clothing. And Jesus has made it possible for anyone to attend his banquet in heaven, if they will take his offer. Jesus has covered our sins by his work on the Cross, so we don’t have to arrive in a shabby condition. And he has made our Salvation possible as a free gift, so we can all afford it. So there is no logical reason why we should not attend his banquet without fear of being asked to leave.

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