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September 4, 2019

As I set out for my pre-dawn run around Berthoud this morning, I tapped play on my phone to listen to today's episode of the "Pray as You Go" podcast. Each day, this podcast moves through a pattern of prayerful music, a scripture reading, and questions for reflection. This morning's reading felt particularly timely to me, both personally and as I consider our ministry together as a church.

In Luke 4:13, Jesus says "I must proclaim the Kingdom of God to the other cities also, for I was sent for this purpose." Reflecting on that verse, the reader on the podcast commented: Jesus is very much aware of being sent by God on a mission. His mission is to “proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God”. How might you describe your own sense of having been sent into the world by God for a particular purpose?

Following Jesus means letting him send you just as the Father sent him into the world (see John 17:17 and 20:21). This is true of all of us, regardless of whether we're engaged in formal ministry. For example, you have been sent to your friends and family, your co-workers and colleagues, and your neighbors near and far. God has also given you unique gifts with which you can use to share the love of Christ in those places. How would you describe your own sense of being sent by God, naming both the purpose for which he's sent you and the gifts he's given to equip you?

Likewise, we as a congregation at First Presbyterian Church have been sent into the world for a reason.Why has God gathered this particular group of believers to worship and serve him in this particular church in this particular town? How would you describe our church's unique purpose here in Berthoud? What gifts has God given us to enable that mission?

When I ask questions for reflection in devotional like this, I don't usually expect to hear your responses. But this time is different. If you're willing, I would love to have you email me your reflections on the purpose for which you believe God has sent you. I'd also love to hear where and to whom you believe God is sending us as a church. If an in-person conversation or phone call is a better way for you to share your thoughts, just call the church and we'll arrange a time to talk. I believe the Holy Spirit is stirring up new energy for mission among us, and I look forward to hearing what the Spirit is placing on your hearts.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris

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